Install Overte

Overteには2種類のインストーラーがあります。 Client Installer は、Overteのコンテンツやユーザーを表示、操作するために必要なものがすべて入っています。しかし、このインストーラを使用してコンテンツをホストすることはできません。 Client + Server Installer は、クライアントインストーラの機能をすべて備えていますが、 あなた自身のコンテンツをホスト し、世界と共有することができます。Client + Server Installerのダウンロードは、Windows用のみ提供されています。Linuxについては、 ローカルまたはクラウドのLinuxサーバーからドメインをホストする をご覧ください。

System Requirements

In order to run Overte, ensure that your computer meets these system requirements:

  • Operating system:

    • Windows 10 64-bit, or Windows 11 64-bit

    • Ubuntu 20.04 64 bit, or most other modern Linux distributions

  • CPU:

    • 最小: ハイパースレッディングのデュアルコア

    • 推奨: ハイパースレッディングのクアッドコア以上

  • System memory:

    • Minimum: 8GB

  • Graphics adapter:

    • Minimum: Nvidia 600 series

    • Recommended: Nvidia 900 series or higher

    • Minimum: AMD Radeon HD 87XX series

    • Recommended: AMD Radeon HD 89XX series or higher

    • Minimum: Intel 5th generation CPU integrated Iris graphics. Using Intel integrated graphics is not recommended.



In addition, your network must have enough internet bandwidth to run Overte:

  • If you are using Interface only to explore the metaverse, then you should have Internet speeds of at least 10 Mbit/s download and 2 Mbit/s upload.

  • If you are hosting a domain server on a remote machine or your local computer, you need to add 10 Mbit/s upload for each user that you want to allow to concurrently visit your domain. You will need only 2 Mbit/s upload per user if you host your assets on an external web server rather than your domain server.





Download Overte

The current release is available to download on our website.

HMDを使用してOverteをVRモードで使用する場合、Overteを起動する前に、SteamVRまたはOculus Runtimeもシステムにインストールされていることを確認してください。VRモードはmacOSではサポートされていません。Oculus Runtimeは、Linuxではサポートされていません。

Install Overte


Windows Install

To install on Windows, simply double-click on the downloaded installer file to open it. Run through the prompts on the installer. Once you finish the install process, Interface will open, and you will be able to log in and begin exploring the metaverse.

Mac Install


  1. Open the downloaded installer dmg file.

  2. Agree to the License Agreement.

  3. Drag Overte to the Applications folder.

  4. Try opening You will be prompted that macOS will not open the file because it is unsigned.

  5. Open System Preferences > Security & Privacy. On older macOS versions this might be in System Preferences > General.

  6. Next to the warning indicating that Interface is blocked, click 'Open Anyway'.

  7. Confirm that you want to open the application.

  8. Allow microphone access if prompted, in order to be able to talk inside the application.

At this point, Interface will open and you will be able to log in and begin exploring the metaverse.

Linux Install

  1. Mark the downloaded AppImage file as executable. (for example, with chmod +x Overte-x86_64_20220219.AppImage.)

  2. (Optional) If you want the AppImage to be integrated into your system, install AppImageLauncher.

  3. Execute AppImage.

Currently the server is not part of the Linux Interface AppImage. To host a domain, please refer to Host a Domain from a Local or Cloud Linux Server.

Upgrade Overte

Overte is always changing, as we work to improve performance and add features that will enhance your experience in the metaverse. At any time, you can download the latest release from our website.

You cannot upgrade Overte on Windows if you have Overte Interface or Server running on your computer. Be sure to quit these applications before upgrading. Keep in mind that Overte Server could be running in the background.


For more information on the latest releases, see our Release Notes.

Perform a Clean Install

If you're facing problems when you load Interface or the local Server, then you can try performing a clean install. A clean install removes multiple files and settings that you may need once you install Overte again.


Ensure that you back up the following files before a clean install: Favorites, Wearables, Server content, and Entities. These settings will be deleted during the clean install.

Windows Clean Install

  1. Click on the Start menu and type "Add or Remove Programs" in your Windows search bar.

  2. Uninstall any versions of Overte that are visible.

  3. Once Overte is uninstalled, browse to your %Program Files% directory. Delete all folders related to Overte.


The next 3 steps will permanently delete your local Server's content. If you wish to keep this content, copy %AppData%/Local/Overte/assignment-client to another location on your computer before proceeding. Repeat for %AppData%/Roaming/Overte/assignment-client.

  1. Browse to your local %AppData% folder (usually C:/Users/<your_username>/AppData/Local). If you do not see the folder, make sure you can view hidden folders: in File Explorer, click View and make sure "Hidden Items" is checked. Delete all folders related to Overte.

  2. Browse to your roaming %AppData% folder (usually C:/Users/<your_username>/AppData/Roaming). Delete all folders related to Overte.

  3. 上記の手順でOverteを再インストールしてください。ローカルサーバの内容を復元するには、以前に保存した assignment-client フォルダをそれぞれの場所にコピーしてください。

Mac Clean Install

  1. Open your Applications folder and delete the Overte folder.

  2. Open the <username>/.config folder. This is a hidden folder than is accessible by going to Go > Home. Press the keyboard shortcut Command + Shift + . (period).

  3. Delete the folder.

  4. Open the ~/Library folder by holding the Option key and clicking the 'Go' menu while in the Finder. The Library option should appear in the menu.

  5. Browse to ~/Library/Application Support and delete the Overte folder.

  6. Empty the Trash.

  7. Re-install Overte using the steps above.

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