This document is slightly outdated. FIXME: some perspective options don't exist anymore, mentions security picture, says that lower graphics setting increase performance (not entirely true in our case)

Adjust Your Settings

You can adjust various settings in Overte so that it runs to your preferences. Many of these settings are changed using the HUD (in Desktop mode) or Tablet (in VR mode).

The Tablet and HUD

In VR, all of your settings are found in your Tablet. The Tablet also gives you easy access to any apps that you install. Pull up the tablet by clicking the menu button on your controller.


In Desktop Mode, you have the option to use either the Tablet or a smaller version called the "Heads-up Display" or HUD. It contains the exact same options as the Tablet (settings, apps, etc), but it takes up less space on your screen. To enable the HUD, first enable the Developer menu by going to Settings > Developer Menu. Then, go to Developer > UI > Desktop Tablet Becomes Toolbar.


Enter or Exit VR Mode

You can enjoy Overte with or with VR equipment such as head mounted displays (HMD), hand controllers and audio headsets. Our Desktop mode contains many of Overte's features such as audio, basic movements and gestures, and the ability to travel to different domains.

Keep in mind, however, that the most immersive and powerful experience is when you use VR equipment. Only then will you be able to interact with people in 3D, track body movements, and easily engage with the objects around you. Once you have set up your VR equipment, you can easily switch between VR mode and Desktop mode. To switch to VR mode, use one of the following methods:

  1. From the HUD, click Enter VR.

  2. Click the Display menu, then select your VR device.

To exit from VR mode, remove your headset, click Exit VR on the HUD or press ESC on your keyboard.

Set Your Perspective

You can choose how you view things around you by changing your perspective. To change your perspective:

  • In Desktop mode, go to View in the menu on the top left corner.

  • In VR mode, open your Tablet and go to Menu > View.



First Person

Select this setting if you want to change your perspective in Overte to first person. In this view, you will not see yourself, only the environment around you.

Third Person

Select this setting to change your perspective to third person. In this view, you will see yourself, as well as the environment around you.


Select this to change your perspective to look at yourself. In this view, you will see yourself and the space behind you.

Independent Mode

Select this to change what you see through scripting instead of avatar's movements.

Entity Mode

Select this to set your perspective to a specific entity, allowing you to move with entity as it moves.

Other Miscellaneous Settings

Here are some other settings you may like to change to optimize your experience.

General Settings

You can modify general settings such user interface and privacy settings in Overte.

  • In Desktop mode, go to Settings > General in the menu on the top left corner.

  • In VR mode, open your Tablet and go to Menu > Settings > General.

In-World Graphics Settings

You can make changes to the graphics in Overte.

  • In Desktop mode, go to Settings > Graphics in the menu on the top left corner.

  • In VR mode, open your Tablet and go to Menu > Settings > Graphics.



Graphics Settings

Choose the graphics settings for your computer tier. In general, a lower graphics setting sacrifices artistic details and rendering effects for increased performance and optimization. Custom lets you configure the world detail, rendering effects, refresh rate, and resolution yourself.

World Detail

Control the level of detail visible to you in Overte by moving this slider.

Rendering Effects

Choose the level of rendering effects that are present in Overte. Local lights, fog, bloom, and shadows are all examples of rendering effects.

Refresh Rate

Choose the frequency that Overte updates its graphics buffers. Most mid-range computers run well on 'Interactive'.


Adjust the resolution using the slider. This affects how clear Overte appears on your monitor or screen.

Account Security Settings

You can change your account security settings in Overte.

  • In Desktop mode, go to Settings > Security in the menu on the top left corner.

  • In VR mode, open your Tablet and go to Menu > Settings > Security.




Enable to stay logged in (in the current device) even if you exit Overte.

Secure Transactions

Change your security picture.

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