A Overte domain can have an environment to express a theme. Environments include all the domain content, such as entities, skyboxes, assets, and more. You could have a domain with a deserted island environment or a cyberpunk apartment environment.

Create an Environment

An environment consists different types of 3D models and a skybox following the theme of your choice. You can create an environment using:



3D Models Available

You can purchase or get 3D models from online 3D content websites. Then, you can import these models using the Asset Server.

Your 3D Models

You can use 3D modeling software like Blender or Maya to create your own 3D models and import them into your Overte Domain.

A Content Archive File

Overte Domain settings have downloadable content archives. These archives are zip files containing all domain content information. You can use a backup file of your own or one sent to you by a user.

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