Set up a Domain Server

Depending on your requirements, you can host your domain on a physical computer (by turning it into a local server) or on cloud servers. In general, we recommend using local servers for private events and gatherings, and cloud services for larger public venues.



Local Server

  • No hosting or maintenance fees

  • Control over the hosted environment

  • Ideal for private domains

  • Hardware and network must be able to handle visitor load and content set. Depending on the complexity of your domain set and the number of visitors you plan to have, you may need more than the minimum requirements

Cloud Server

  • No need to have expensive hardware on hand to host a domain

  • Ability to easily re-scale servers, adjusting memory or transfer to support more or less visitors

  • A secure environment separate from your personal computer, protecting yourself from hacking attempts or griefers

  • Ideal for large, public domains for hosting events or open gathering areas

  • Monthly subscription cost

  • Service outages may occur with the cloud provider

Once you've decided what hosting platform to use, you're ready to set it up: