A Overte Android app is being considered for the roadmap, most of the development work has been done but the work required to get it back rolling has to be taken into consideration.


The app is designed for Daydream-ready phones only. Keep in mind, it cannot be used in Daydream View and is only available as a 2D application.

Visit Different Worlds

Overte has many virtual places where you can interact with other users and participate in various activities or events. We have modified several of Overte's most popular virtual worlds to make them more accessible to Android users.

Find these domains by going to the Home tab in the menu.


Movement Controls




When exploring a virtual world, use the arrows in the bottom left corner to turn and/or walk.


Drag your finger left or right across the screen to make your avatar turn.

Look up/down

Drag your finger up or down to change the angle of the camera.


Press the button on the bottom right with the winged avatar to fly (the longer you hold it, the higher you go!).

In-World Controls




Switch to a bird's eye view camera by pressing the My View button on the top right corner of the screen.


Your avatar in muted by default when you open the app. Press the mic button on the top right corner to unmute.

Avatar Controls



Change Your Avatar

Change your avatar to one available in the list in the Avatar tab in the menu.

Set Display Name

Set your display name in the Avatar tab in the menu

Discover and Make Friends




Add people to your Connections by shaking their hand. Press the handshake button which is above the flight button in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Connections List

Open the People tab in the menu to view your Connections.

Additional functionality such as opening the Tablet, using the Create Tools app, adding wearables, etc. are not yet available.

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