Beta Release 82

We released Beta Release 82 on Tuesday April 30, 2019.

Note: There is a protocol change in this version.

Hotfix v0.82.1

A hotfix (v0.82.1) was released on April 30, 2019.

Note: There is a protocol change in this version. All Clients and Servers need to update to this latest release.

  • A feature to slow the rate that nodes are added to the avatar mixer was introduced with RC82.0. This code path was not working correctly and a server-side fix has been made 82.1. Any domains running should be immediately updated to 82.1.

  • A change to Entities was causing a deadlock in the Entity Server. The fix required a protocol change. All clients will need to update to 82.1.

New in v0.82.0!

  • Improved Locomotion: With new controls in both VR and Desktop mode, movement is easier and more intuitive! Customize your settings by going to Settings > Controls. (Canny request:

    • Choose from three modes for more granular control over how you move:

      • Default: You will always walk at the same speed. To run, fully push the stick forward.

      • Analog: Your movement speed is determined by far you push the stick forward on your controller. To run, fully push the stick forward.

      • Analog++: This is the same as Analog, except that you can define your maximum walk speed with a slider in the UI.

    • Choose what direction you move in while in VR mode: either in the direction your head is facing, or in the direction your hand is pointing.

    • In Desktop, hold Shift while using the arrow keys to walk sideways (strafe).

    • In VR mode, you can now disable Strafe (walking sideways).

  • New Audio Settings: In this version, we introduced independent volume controls for avatars, ambient background volume, and overall system sound. The audio level meter is smaller and takes up less space in the window. Go to Settings > Audio to change your settings. (Canny Request:

  • Additional Controls for Entities:

    • All Entities: Render Layer and Primitive Mode

    • Web Entities: New controls for Web Color, Web Alpha, Script URL and Max FPS

    • 3D Models: Group Culled

    • Particles: Emit Shape Type

  • Features Added to Avatar "Hero" Zones: The Hero zone was introduced in v0.79.1, where avatars within the zone receive more bandwidth over other avatars in the domain. Additional features have bene added:

    • Hero zones are updated dynamically as you change the zone properties. Creating, deleting, moving and resizing the hero zones will immediately affect the avatar's hero status.

    • Domain owners can now specify the amount of bandwidth that is dedicated to Hero zones set up in their domain. Go to http://localhost:40100/settings > Avatar Mixer > Advanced Settings > Hero Bandwidth to set the bandwidth.

    • Hero zone properties are now accessible via scripting and our JavaScript API.

  • New Documentation includes:



  • The new Flow app (released in v0.81.0) has been updated to work with the "sim" naming scheme.

Outils de Création

Oven and Baking

  • Oven output format has changed from FBX to FST, but remains backward compatible to support our existing baked FBX files.

  • Oven now supports baking materials, so that all textures with the material are now automatically baked.

  • Oven now supports baking avatars directly.

  • Oven now supports Dropbox hosting and correctly reports invalid FBX files.

  • View updated documentation at

API Documentation

Other Mentions

  • The privacy bubble has been renamed "shield". You can turn it on/off using the Tablet/HUD or the new indicator next to the audio level mixer.


Avatars and People App

Outils de Création

  • Grab handles correctly stop pulling object after the trigger or mouse is released.

  • Using the DEL key in HMD no longer erases active User Data objects.

Marketplace and Inventory

  • Pressing ENTER while searching the Marketplace now initiates the search, rather than removing the search text.

  • Pressing the TAB key while searching the Marketplace no longer repeats the current search.

  • Updates to a Marketplace item now correctly displays the cost (if applicable), rather than "free".

  • Users can no longer select the URL of a Marketplace item by selecting and dragging the mouse on a Marketplace item in the drop-down list.

  • Fixed some text formatting issues in the Marketplace App buttons.

  • Fixed an edge case where non-creators could view and purchase items that were not for sale.

  • The LOG IN and CANCEL buttons on the Inventory page now correctly respond if the user logs out while Inventory app is open.

  • We now check the a user's HFC balance prior to sending money to another user.

  • We added failure handling when sending money via a script fails.

Rendering and Core Engine

  • Notifications now render correctly in VR mode, even when an avatar is scaled very small.

  • The seek lasers on hands are no longer offset when an avatar is resized.

  • Near-grabbed entities now update correctly for the observer.

  • Web entities display the correct transparency.

  • Fixed an edge case in which the view perspective of avatars disagreed on whether a held entity is kinematic. With this fix, objects look clean to an observer and pass through the Kinematic object smoothly.


  • The 'Create Temporary Placename' button now correctly appears when you change the domain ID of a domain.

  • Modifications to entities no longer disappear or unexpectedly change when the domain starts up.

  • Backups of domain archives no longer fail when content sets are null.

  • Fixed an edge obscure case where rezzing an item more than once would cause the following issues:

    • Subsequent items were not added to the simulation.

    • Parents/children don't get fixed up.

    • The signals addingEntity and addingEntityPointer don't get emitted.

Other Mentions

  • Users can again create logins through Oculus.

  • You can now test your voice even when muted or Push to Talk is enabled.

  • Restarting scripts will not correctly trigger the 'Tablet screen changed' login.

  • Fixed an intermittent bug that occurred when equipping a cloneable entity in HMD. The new entity would get created but didn't actually get equipped. This is now fixed.

Crash Fixes

  • Fixed crashes in the following scenarios:

    • Closing interactive windows in the Create app

    • Using the Appreciate app


Nothing specific for Android in this release.