Beta Release 80

We released Beta Release 80 on Tuesday, March 19, 2019.

Note: There is a protocol change in this version.

New in v0.80.0!

This release completes the overlay work we began a couple of releases back. We have converted our internal use of overlays to local entities and are moving toward deprecation of 3D overlays.

Content Creators: From now on, please use local entities instead of overlays. Any work you have that uses Overlays should be migrated to use local entities.



Outils de Création

  • The 'Entity Types' dropdown of the Entity List has new buttons for Select All (check all entity types) and Clear All (uncheck all entity types).


  • We added the ability to load GLB (GLTF binary) format assets with on our ongoing work to support glTF.

  • The Market tablet app is rewritten in QML (from HTML) to support future mobile-compatible devices.

Other Mentions

  • When you update a Marketplace item, the number of likes now carries over from the original item to the updated item in the Marketplace.

  • During a custom install, you now have the ability to install only the Sandbox or only the Interface without uninstalling the other.

  • The list of live-speakers in the People tablet app are sorted live. You no longer need to refresh or close the PAL to re-sort the list except in very noisy or low-level places.

  • We’ve added new text to warn when sending an inventory to the Trash is an irreversible action.



  • UTF-8 characters are read correctly in FST files. This fixes a bug where Japanese characters in FST files were incorrectly read, causing the avatars to fail while loading.

  • We continue to address the "white orb" issue where avatars appear as white orbs when loading into a domain and never fully load as avatars.

Outils de Création

  • Fixed the ability to change animations of an FBX model entity by a script or via the Create menu (Canny Request:

  • Sorting entity and files lists now correctly sorts alpha and non-alphanumeric characters.

  • Drop-downs now close when a user clicks outside of the list.

  • Users can now change a particle effect’s URL by typing into the field directly.



  • Fixed a long-standing issue that would sometimes occur where an ESS script couldn’t get the properties of its parent. There has a been a workaround in place where a blank javascript function was placed inside of the parent entities serverScripts property. After this fix, you should no longer need to use this workaround.

  • Fixed an issue in the PAL where index numbers would append after display names for users even if they were the only user with that name in the domain. This was occurring due to an issue with refreshing content, re-entering a domain, or recovering from crashes.

Crash Fixes

Fixed crashes in the following scenarios:

  • Resizing entities

  • Parsing AvatarEntity data with too many LocalJointTranslations

  • On Mac Desktop computers


Nothing specific for Android in this release.