2021.1.1 Eos Release Notes

This version of Vircadia is an update to 2021.1.0. It is compatible with the 2020.1.0 Eos protocol. This version was released on April 8th, 2021.

Interface (Codename Athena)

The numbers at the end of each item are the PR numbers in the Vircadia repo.


  • UI/UX: Add an onboarding wizard for first run configuration of Vircadia. (#999)

  • UI/UX: Add a manual noise reduction mode with a slider for adjustment. (#1007, #1097)

  • API: Controller.triggerHapticPulse now supports selecting an arbitrary device instead of triggering two hands every time. (#1013)

  • Application: Non-uniformly scaled sphere zones and models now behave like ellipsoids. (#1033)

  • API: Fix keepAspectRatio property of Image entities to correctly scale with any ratio. (#1050, #1141)

  • App: 'Create' app's tooltips have been fixed. (#1063)

  • Application: Fix a crash on shutdown for OSX. (#1064)

  • Application: Fix a crash on some avatars in VR due to an inverse kinematics error. (#1066)

  • App: 'Create' app has had a Broken URL Report utility added to it to aid in finding broken URLs on entity properties in a domain. (#1069, #1144)

  • Graphics: Material improvements package. (#1076)

    • Fix transparency issue on shape entities.

    • Gizmo, Image, and Text entities now support material entities on them.

    • Fix cullFaceMode not rendering correctly on unparented material entities.

  • Application: Rename 'Vircadia Sandbox' to 'Vircadia Server'; disable server shortcuts being created with an express install on Windows. (#1081)

  • App/API: Improved ban functionality. (#1090, #1155)

    • App: 'People' app now has a second ban button that kicks based on username, machine fingerprint, and IP address; the original ban button now kicks based on username and machine fingerprint.

    • API: Users.kick function now offers the ability to specify a banFlags property to indicate what should happen when kicking a user.

  • App: 'Chat' now has domain chat muted by default. (#1094)

  • Graphics: Fix glTF vertex colors. (#1123)

  • Graphics: Fix parts of avatars rotating incorrectly. (#1124)


  • Docs: Update build instructions for the Oculus Quest platform. (#800)

  • Docs: Add full packaging instructions for Linux-based servers. (#899)

  • Docs: Document addition of the RELEASE_NAME environment variable for versions. (#1014)

  • Application: Add names to some threads to aid in debugging. (#1040)

  • Docs: Remove nvtt workaround from the Linux build documentation. (#1044)

  • Application: Optimize and tidy up some code in the MyAvatar class. (#1047)

  • Build: Update Linux-based server packaging scripts to allow input of versions. (#1055)

  • Build: Add the release name to the end of installers' names. (#1057)

  • Application: Set resource total size to content size when using a qrc:// resource. (#1068)

  • Application: Fix 'General' settings privacy option text to correctly reference 'Vircadia'. (#1071)

  • Docs: Define code blocks to fix Sphinx warnings in Vircadia docs. (#1078, #1083)

  • Build: Add the ability to preload an entity script whitelist when building. (#1081)

  • Application: Implement machine fingerprints for Linux. (#1092)

  • Misc: Add 'Stale' bot configuration to the repository. (#1117)

  • Application: Fix VIRCADIA_MEMORY_DEBUGGING on Linux/gcc. (#1127)

  • Application: Fix a stack-use-after-return error in the RenderableModelEntityItem class. (#1132)

  • Application: Add a virtual destructor to TreeNodeBase of the ScriptsModel class; possibly fixes a crash on exit. (#1134)

  • Build: Add missing override keywords to the PacketReceiver and RenderableTextEntityItem classes to fix warnings on build. (#1143)

  • Application: Fix getRotateForPicking function in the ShapeEntityItem class. (#1145)

  • Application: Remove unused variable in the RenderableGizmoEntityItem class. (#1148)

Serveur de domaine

The numbers at the end of each item are the PR numbers in the Vircadia repo.


  • Messaging Mixer: Add per-second rate limiting for all connected nodes. (#1084)

  • Avatar Mixer: Add 'Avatar Entities' checkbox next to 'Connect' in the security tables. This checkbox will allow/deny a user to use and share avatar entities on a server. (#1098)

  • Domain Server: Log events for access to the web management interface. (#1153)


  • Domain Server: Fix warning: 'NULL' used in arithmetic. (#1147)

Metaverse Server & Dashboard (Codename Iamus)

Iamus Metaverse Server

Version 2.3.15

  • view • Update Changelog.md
  • view • Fix DB error when filtering Places for openness. Modify /api/v1/places to only return Places that have an associated domain. Modify /api/v1/places to not require logging in to get Places list.
  • view • Add VisibilityFilter and rework logic that returns Places and Domains so "open" and "private" work depending on the 'visibility' setting.
  • view • Add 'active' boolean to a domain to denote if the domain is heartbeating Include 'active', 'protocol', and 'version' is domain information in Place returned info Update number of domain reported users to be sum of logged in and anonymous avatars Reorder Place return tests so /api/v1/places does not return Places with no domains Update documentation on return of added fields for Places

Version 2.3.14

  • view • Update ChangeLog.md
  • view • Finish query search criteria for Places Added code for "search=" Completed and debugged code for "order=" Completed and debugged Db sortCriteria code.
  • view • Add 'visibility' field to Places and Domains. Currently default to "OPEN" but allow "PRIVATE"
  • view • Fix formatting of docs/API-Explore.md
  • view • Fix missing definition that caused compilation error.
  • view • Bump version to 2.3.14

Version 2.3.13

  • view • Update ChangeLog.md
  • view • Fix return data for /explore.json so results are returned rather than the Promise
  • view • When generating Place address, check for domain address of "undefined" as there are a bunch of bad entries in the database.
  • view • Constrain Domain.Restriction to "open", "hifi", or "acl".
  • view • Bump version to 2.3.13

Version 2.3.12

  • view • Update ChangeLog.md
  • view • Add "world_name" as an alias for "name" in the domain information return JSON to enable some legacy scripts/code.
  • view • Update definitions of property getters and setters so they are clearly async.
  • view • Update redirect URL. (#79)
  • view • Bump version to 2.3.12

Iamus Metaverse Dashboard

Updates are reflected here. The Dashboard has been upgraded from version 1.2.5 to version 1.2.8.

  • Add the ability to edit the roles of users as an administrator.

  • Add images, thumbnails, tags, and maturity for places.

  • Update places list view.

Vircadia Launcher (Codename Pantheon)

Vircadia's launcher updates can be found here. The launcher is on version 1.1.0.

  • Add functionality for the launcher to restore itself from the tray instead of opening a new instance.

  • Add auto-update feature for the launcher.


User Docs

The numbers at the end of each item are the PR numbers in the Vircadia-Docs-Sphinx repo.

  • Mark outdated pages. (#120)

  • Remove outdated branding from architecture images. (#121)

  • Update README.md to use latest version of Sphinx. (#122)

  • Add "--forceCrashReporting" and "INITIAL_STARTUP_LOCATION" references. (#123)

  • Fix remaining Sphinx warnings. (#124)

  • Add Spanish language translation support. (#130)

  • Release notes for 2021.1.1 Eos. (#132)

API Docs

The API docs are generated from the software source repo. The latest live deployment source can be viewed here.

  • Users API:

    • kick function updated with more options and new default functionality. (#1090)