Alpha 2020.3.0 Demeter Release Notes

This version of Vircadia is a new release. It is not compatible with the 2020.2.0-Asteria protocol. This version was released on September 29th, 2020.

Interface (Codename Athena)

The numbers at the end of each item are the PR numbers in the Vircadia repo.


  • Graphics: Fix procedural shaders applying to entities other than the target entity. (#309)

  • Application: Fix Interface shutdown deadlock. (#311)

  • Application: Add support for transparent web entities. (#605, #630)

  • App: Revamp the Explore App UI. (#654)

  • API: Script.getExternalPath added to generate accessible URLs to Vircadia CDNs. (#668)

  • UI: Add "open in external browser" button to Interface browser, improve buttons, and fix favicon support. (#689)

  • Application: Support relative JSON URLs in the texture property for models. (#694)

  • Application: Fix not being able to click or interact with glTF models. (#699)

  • App: Fix 'Create' app not refreshing when the image URL is updated on an image entity. (#701)

  • Application: Fix crash when switching audio output devices when in desktop or VR. (#713)

  • App: Fix 'Chat' app opening when other users toggle their own & improve URL copying and pasting support. (#738)

  • Application: Fix GLB files not being able to be added to the world from the Asset Server (ATP). (#743)


  • Application: Fix warnings emitted by GCC. (#349)

  • Application & Docs: Add ability to package Interface with a custom startup location and improve installer docs. (#640)

  • Application: Fix build of hifiSdl2 on GCC 10. (#656)

  • Application: Fix build of Vircadia on Qt 5.14. (#657)

  • Application: Mass update of the codebase to better support metaverse servers. (#668)

  • Application: Quiet warnings for unused blendshapeCoefficients property. (#705)

  • Application: Fix 'Serverless' capitalization in the Interface title bar. (#715)

  • Application: Further improve support for metaverse servers. (#718)

Serveur de domaine

The numbers at the end of each item are the PR numbers in the Vircadia repo.


  • Server: Fix domain-server Docker packager's retrieval of a temp name. (#632)

  • Mixer: Fix assignment-client custom port and hostname parameters. (#667)

  • Server: Correct and improve support for switching metaverse servers. (#718)

Metaverse Server & Dashboard (Codename Iamus)

The metaverse server Iamus is live at, with the metaverse server interface live for user registration and interaction at on Vircadia's website.

Vircadia Launcher (Codename Pantheon)

Vircadia's launcher has added support for outputting log files, checking for updates on startup, and metaverse server switching with version 0.0.1q.


User Docs

The numbers at the end of each item are the PR numbers in the Vircadia-Docs-Sphinx repo.

  • Release notes for 2020.3.0 Demeter. (#83)

API Docs

The API docs are generated from the software source repo. The latest live deployment source can be viewed here.

  • The Script.getExternalPath API was added. (#668)